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Allergan Allē Gift Cards


This item is used to apply credit from Allē Gift Cards already purchased from Allergan.  Allē Gift Cards can only be used towards eligible Allergan products. Note that all gift cards are subject to post-checkout verification and redemption.  Your order will be cancelled if any gift card codes are invalid or expired.

 Follow these instructions:

  1. Purchase Allē Gift Cards directly from Allergan by clicking here (if available).
  2. Make sure you have added the Allē gift cards to your wallet in your Allē account.
  3. Select the total amount of value of your gift cards from the Total Value of Gift Cards dropdown
  4. Enter the gift card code(s) where indicated
  5. Add to cart.  Gift Cards will appear in cart as $0.00 
  6. When you are ready to complete your transaction, do either of the following:
    • In your Cart, click on the Coupon Code link at the bottom of the page (just below Subtotal), OR
    • On the Checkout page, click on the Promo/Gift Certificate link (just above Total)
  7. Enter the code "ALxx", where xx is the total amount of ALL gift cards (for example, enter AL400 for $400 in total gift cards)
  8. The total amount of the gift cards will now appear as a discount on your total cart